Selling your property


Selling your property

Are you seeking for a qualified agent to sell your property? Our service minded rental agents are happy to be of service to you! Alcoco is a real estate agency located in Amsterdam and covering besides Amsterdam, also the surrounding cities. Alcoco is a full service real estate agency, meaning: our agents are professionally taking care of all actions needed on your behalf.

Our service includes the following:

  • We will be valuing your property and inventarisering all juridical aspects;
  • We will be advising you about the asking price and the strategy;
  • We will make a professional presentation of your property;
  • We will be presenting your property on leading property listing websites;
  • Viewings will be organized and carried out by us. Our agents are flexible, if necessary this will also be done after office hours;
  • Together we’ll negotiate with the prospective buyer, in order to sell the property for the most favorable price;
  • We'll be assisting you with the legal process: taking care of agreements with prospective buyer, handing over the desired information and documents to notary and reviewing purchasing deed and deed of transfer.

After we’ve successfully sold your property, we can also assist you with purchasing your new home!

What are the costs issued?

No cure? No pay! Only when Alcoco has successfully assisted you, a fee will be applied. Solely, in consultation, made costs, shall be settled.

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